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Our History

The Creation of Fit+Fierce

In 2011, Fit & Fierce was created to give the girls a community to work on themselves as well as make new friends and navigate adolesence. 


They also recognized that there were a lack of support programs out there to address these growing needs. It was in that moment, that Fit+Fierce® was born. 


Kelsey's background in fitness, including certification as a trainer, her experience as a girl mom, and her knowledge of nutrition, she possessed the perfect blend of skills to develop a curriculum and program aimed at empowering girls to cultivate strength in both mind and body.

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Our Present

Growth & Development in 2024

In 2023, Julia stepped in as our new CEO and brought a fresh perspective to our program. She brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for growth as well as her experience as a mom with a daughter in our program.

With our new vision to create connected, confident, & courageous female leaders across the world, Fit+Fierce® is more than just a program; it's a movement. By empowering and educating girls to become strong and confident in all facets of life, we strive to instill a sense of purpose and resilience in each girl. 


Our Future

Current Developments for Future Programs

Our core values guide every aspect of our program. We believe in the power of connection, understanding that we are stronger together. Through contribution, we teach that giving back is not only fulfilling but also essential for nurturing a strong mind. ​Healthy habits, both mental and physical, are paramount to our mission, recognizing that when our minds and bodies are healthy, we thrive.


Confidence is created by affirming that each individual belongs to themselves, encouraging self-acceptance and self-love. ​Lastly, authenticity is celebrated as the key to empowerment, emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself and embracing one's uniqueness without reservation.​


Moms, it's time to empower your daughters and help them unleash their full potential! Join us at Fit+Fierce and give your daughter the tools she needs to thrive!

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